Warcraft Random Map Generatror
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Version 2.12

warmakersmall.GIF - 18.39 K WarMaker is a random map generation utility for creating Warcraft 2 maps. It easily generates maps with random terrain or symmetrical random terrain with a push of a button. The various terrain aspects of the map are quickly adjusted with slider controls and the settings can be saved for use at a later time. WarMaker will also save you time when creating your own custom maps. By using a WarMaker generated map as a starter map, you can modify it with the Warcraft 2 Map Editor to your liking in less time than it would take you to create a new map.

  • Unlimited random map generation
  • Option to generate completely symmetrical 2, 4 or 8 player maps for ultimate fairness in multi-player network or modem games
  • Save any loaded map as a GIF file for easy web publishing
  • Symmetrically draw terrain on your maps
  • Symmetrically place units where you want them
  • Generate additional terrain on any map
  • Generate maps from a seed number
  • An undo feature
  • A hold pattern feature to keep the same basic shape of your map while tweaking map options or terrain
  • Ability to delete all units in a map
  • Start position ordering for standard, distributed, or adjacent pairings
  • Large mini-map display for high resolution desktops
  • Starting conditions editing
  • Generation of "spotter critters" which are player controllable critters that will let you see through fog of war and let you spy on your enemies
  • Assign any of the Tides of Darkness or Expansion Set campaign A.I.'s to computer players for a total of 83 to choose from
  • Launch the Warcraft 2 Map Editor with your generated map from within WarMaker
  • Cosmetic tools that let you load in any map and generate critters, spotter critters or apply random filler tiles to make your maps look professional
  • Adjustable amounts for gold mines and oil patches
  • Support for all terrain types
  • Fast map generation of all sizes
  • Mini Map display for quick review of maps
  • Easy to use slider control adjustment for water, dirt, grass, forest, mountains, gold mines and oil patches
  • Ability to save and load different control settings
  • "No map display" feature for creating surprise maps for multi-player games
  • Online help.
Windows System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT
  • 256 color display minimum
  • Pentium recommended for optimal performance (486 minimum)
  • Retail version of Warcraft 2 or Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition

Verified to work under Linux with:
  • Mandrake Linux version 7.2 on a Windows 98 dual boot system
  • K Desktop release 2 release candidate 1
  • Wine Windows Emulator version 20000909
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I have the source code to WarMaker?
A: No. You may not have it for any reason. It is not open source software. If you would like to buy the source code and all the rights to this program, I will entertain any reasonable offers.

Q: Will you be making a map generator for Starcraft?
A: No. I do not have the time.

Q: What did you make WarMaker with?
A: WarMaker was coded in Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0

Q: Will you be making a version of WarMaker for Linux to use with Freecraft?
A: No. WarMaker runs under Linux using the Wine Windows emulator. You can use that.

Download WarMaker 2.12
Just unzip the archive into a folder and run WarMaker.exe to start generating maps. If you want to remove WarMaker from your system, just delete the folder. That's it! WarMaker doesn't put anything in your registry or place files anywhere other than its own folder.

zip.GIF - 0.46 K WarMaker in Zip Format - [ 129KB ]
WarMaker is freeware.

If you get errors about missing mfc42.dll or msvcrt.dll
download these files and put them in your WarMaker folder:

mfclibs.zip - [ 575KB ]

Most systems will already have these files.

Freecraft fans: WarMaker has been verified to run under Mandrake Linux 7.2 using the Wine Windows Emulator. It's not perfect but it seems to be functional.
See screenshots.

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